The March 8th 2020 Boom

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KSST has gathered reports from our region of Texas regarding the ‘Boom’ heard and felt on March 8th, 2020. The form to report information was open to anyone on the internet. A link to the form was included in a post on The post was then shared by tens of thousands of people via facebook in a six state area, centered on Sulphur Springs, TX.

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Here is what we all agree on

Almost everyone responding says it happened March 8th, 2020 between 8:50pm and 9:00PM.

50% percent rated the level of the ‘boom’ as 9 of 9. 38% rated it a 7 or 8.

The majority of respondents claimed Sulphur Springs (75482) as the city they were in when they heard the ‘boom’.

The most common response for what people felt caused the noise was a ‘sonic boom’.

KSST Agrees

KSST believes this was a sonic boom.

It was heard over a huge area of Texas. Almost everyone said it was the same subjective level. i.e no one ‘barely heard it’. The matches with the dynamics of a sonic boom. The shock wave spreads out over a wide area as the object moves across the sky.

Although people were quick to point out that Super Sonic flights were ‘oulawed’ in the 1970s… Super sonic flights do occur.

KSST believes this sonic boom was caused by an aircraft, rather than a meteor or falling space debris. Primarily because no one reported see any trails or lights. The government usually knows when large onjects are set to re-enter the atmosphere, and provides a warning.

What we know it was not: Tannerite, cryoseism, cannons… None of these fit with circumstances of the event. No seismic events were reported. The ‘boom’ rattled the windows, but not the ground.

So there you go: The March 8th, 2020 ‘boom’ was an aircraft generated sonic boom.

Thanks to everyone who responded, and keep looking up!

Map and square miles covered by respondents. Blue pins are GPS reports, yellow represent towns where the boom was heard.

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