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Bright Star Cinemas Poised For Wednesday VIP Event, Official Nov. 21 Opening

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Bright Star Cinema, 621 East Shannon Road

Bright Star Cinemas is poised for their 6:30 p.m. VIP Red Carpet Event tonight, and KSST got a sneak peak at the newly renovated building as well as information local movie-goers are dying to know.

First, the Nov. 20 event will begin at 6:30 p.m. with a ribbon cutting and few remarks. Those interested will be invited to look around the updated lobby and concessions area, which includes an expanded menu that still includes a $1 hot dog. There will be free popcorn and soda at the opening event.

Playing tonight around 7 p.m. will be Countdown, Toy Story 4, Charlie’s Angels, 21 Bridges, Addams Family and Lion King. The first to arrive and fill the theaters this evening will be treated to a free movie, according to Beth Miska, ShowBiz Cinemas director of marketing.

Bright Star Cinemas will include a newly renovated concessions area, with expanded menu.

Bright Star Cinemas purchased the 20,000 square-foot freestanding movie theater in Sulphur Springs in early September and has invested approximately $4.5 million in the theater project. Bright Star Cinemas also hired Dallas-based ShowBiz Cinemas to assist with management at the home office level.

The renovation includes new seating, new Dolby 5.1 sound and new, bigger floating screens. Seating is luxury reclining, adjustable with a foot rest and plenty of room for those with longer legs, and a sliding table top with a couple of cup and snack containers.

Bright Star Cinema will open Thursday with new, luxury recliner seats, new floating screens for improved viewing and Dolby 5.1 sound.

However, there are fewer seats available in each viewing room, due to the space needed for the larger recliner seats, so the maximum capacity of the newly renovated facility is about half the former seating.

There are three screens: two each of large, medium and intimate sizes; including at least one screen on which 3D flicks may be viewed. The theater is ADA compliant, with the required closed captioning and other assisted products available by request at the box office.

Technicians were working through the day Wednesday to make sure the necessary adjustments are made to the new equipment for optimum movie enjoyment.

The theater will then officially be open for ticket purchases starting Thursday, Nov. 21. Tickets will be available for purchase for less than $10 per seat. Pricing will range from about $4.50 for week day early bird viewing before 6 p.m. upward. Tickets may be purchased online at, at the ticket booth outside the theater or inside the lobby from one of the kiosks. Specific seats are selected at the time of purchase, eliminating the need to find a seat or certain number of seats together for those who arrive at the last minute.

Bright Star Cinema will open Nov. 21 with update lobby and concessions, including ticket kiosks for movie patrons’ convenience.

Tickets purchased online may be printed and brought to the theater, or a confirmation number can be used at the kiosk in the lobby or the control board where tickets are collected.

Special discounts will be offered for all shows, even on weekends and evening. Discount Tuesday offers all seats are $5 all day long, with the exclusion of 3-D movies, which will cost a little more.

Special discounts will also be offered for senior citizens and children. Police and firefighters will be admitted free of charge upon showing ID, a show of appreciation from Bright Star Cinemas for their service to the community; this applies only to the police or firefighter, not their family.

For discounted seats, simply select the seat and denote the special rates, which should be applied for the purchase.

For more information, visit the 621 East Shannon Road theater, or go online to or check out their Facebook page.

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Author: Faith Huffman

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