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Cumby Police Arrest Dallas Pair Reportedly Traveling In Stolen Car

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Cumby Police arrested a Dallas pair, stopped Sunday morning in what turned out to be a stolen vehicle.

Marc Anthony Martinez, 23, and Infant Venzor, 20, were taken to jail by Cumby Police Officer Zack Steward for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

According to arrest reports, Cumby Police Sgt. Ray Embro saw a blue Mitsubishi sedan with a defective tail light in the area of Frisco Street and the north Interstate 30 service road at 8:22 a.m. April 28. At the stop sign, the front male passenger exited the car, walked behind it and got into the driver’s seat. The female who’d been driving, climbed over the console and to into the passenger’s seat.

Embro said he stopped the pair in Fast Mart parking lot. The male was identified as Marc Martinez and the woman, who admitted she didn’t have a driver’s license, was identified as Venzor.

During his interview with the pair, the Embro said he developed “reasonable suspicion that Mr. Martinez and Ms. Venzor were engaging in criminal activity,” so he asked Martinez to step out of the car and asked permission to search it. Martinez refused permission, Embro alleged in arrest reports.

Embro reported he then asked Venzor’s permission to search the car, as she was the initial person he saw driving it. She agreed, and several new Dewalt power tools with “spider wire” still on them were located. The pair was detained.

Cumby Police Officer Zack Steward arrived to assist wth the stop, conducing a license plate check on the car. The car showed to have been reported to Dallas Police Department as stolen. Embro contacted DPD and received confirmation the car was stolen on April 25, the officer wrote in arrest reports.

Martinez and Venzor were taken to jail for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle; the car was towed, Embro reported.

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Author: Faith Huffman

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