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Field Day for Producers and Grasslands Managers By Mario Villarino


Field Day for Producers and Grasslands Managers October 26, 2018

Managing of grasslands involves several alternative methods that can influence the way the ranch produces. To learn the benefits and potential challenges of using native grasses the 2018 Field Day for Producers and Grassland Managers has been scheduled for October 26, 2018 at Ebel Grasslands Ranch, Sulphur Bluff, Texas. Topics will include Native Grasslands: Environmental benefits, Economic benefits and sustainability- Rotational / prescribed grazing -Optimizing various grass/forage types -Water development.Lunch sponsored by NETBIO

Followed by Fencing options, Rotational and other challenging pasture moves-Calving seasons. Limited to 25 attendees. The location of the field day is 225 CR 3611, Sulphur Bluff, TX 75481. Call 903-885-3443 to RSVP.

Coming Up:

Field Day for Producers and Grasslands Managers- October 26, 2018- Free

DOPA Training- Southwest Dairy Museum, October 31, 2018- $10.

Basic Tree Care Training- November 1, 2018, 6:00 PM    $10.

Private Applicator Credits- Regional Civic Center- November 7, 2018- $30 10:00 AM

Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training- November 14, 2018- $40     8:30 AM

For more information on this or for registration contact the Hopkins County Extension Office at 903-885-3443.

Mario Villarino DVM, Ph.D. Hopkins County Extension Agent for Ag and NR 1200B Houston Street Sulphur Springs, Texas 75482 903-885-3443

Author: Savannah Everett

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