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‘The Write Stuff’ from Young Publishers Class at Thee Treehouse Christian School

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Young Publishers Phil Criswell, Christian Ebel and Rebeccah Jackson with Creative Writing teacher Sharon Feldt

After forty years of teaching kindergarten in public classrooms and teaching writing on the college level, Sharon Feldt of Sulphur Springs, Texas came out of retirement to teach again. It has become her dream job because it’s positioned in a most satisfying environment for her creative skills. Back in 2017, Sharon joined the teaching staff at Thee Treehouse, a Christian school for home schooled kids. Her Creative Writing curriculum soon spawned the Young Publishers Class, made up of fourteen Intermediate to Middle-school age students who wanted to take the challenge of writing stories for a book. This summer, the Young Publishers did write the book which is a collection, or anthology, of original stories by the students. The genres of the stories include fiction and non-fiction and vary from actual happenings to mystery to legend to myth. It’s first-edition title is “The Write Stuff Presents Tales from Thee Treehouse”, and it is a 130-page, 14-chapter glimpse of these young published authors and their works of poems, stories and illustrations. Three of the young published authors visited the KSST/Channel 18 studios to be interviewed about their anthology.

The Creative Writing class is among the many classes offered to the 35 home schooled youngsters enrolled, who are already receiving their education basics at home.  Other subjects being offered include Digital Storytelling, Art, Spanish, American Sign Language, Peices of the Globe (geography and culture of places around the world), the Young Explorers outdoors class, and S.T.E.A.M. which covers Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Teaching staff includes Debbie Rhodes, Kelli Ebel, Kelly Wallis, Sharon Feldt and Principal Carrie Hurley. The school is open 2-3 days per week and can be attended in addition to homeschool classwork taught at home. You can find out more  on Facebook at  Thee Treehouse or by calling Ms. Feldt at 832-687-6617.

Showing the Write Stuff book are Treehouse teachers Kelli Ebel and Debbie Rhodes and (seated) Carrie Hurley and Sharon Feldt (not shown, Kelli Wallis)

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