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Hopkins County Republican Club Hosts Rafael Cruz for First Public Meeting

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Rafael Cruz address the first public meeting of the Hopkins County Republican Club.

Hopkins County Republicans initiated their new Republican Club Tuesday night at the Hopkins County Civic Center with a rousing mix of scripture and political philosophy presented by Rafael Cruz, father of U S Senator Ted Cruz. The event promoted the candidacy of the Incumbent Cruz, who faces Democrat Robert “Beto” O’Rourk, in the November General Election.

Cruz emphasized the importance of voting and voting a straight ticket in the November election in Texas. He stated that with the number of electoral votes in Texas, it is imperative that Texas remain a Red State meaning a state with a strong Republican influence. Cruz noted that for a Republican to not vote for a party candidate was to vote for one of another party.

Cruz, who fled Cuba to the U S, is an Evangelical Preacher. His fervor was apparent in his use of Bible quotes to give evidence of what he called principles that should direct the voter during this election. He also noted that the campaign contributions received by O’Rourke were $8-million last month. He stated that the dollar amount had come from liberals wanting to defeat his conservative son.

Cruz noted that his son was a strong supporter of President Donald Trump. He stated that his son met with Trump weekly to discuss the state of affairs in the Senate. He said it was important to keep a Republican majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. He noted that if O’Rourke lost the Senate race, he would be out of the House as well.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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