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IDC Fireworks 2018: What Happened?

Here are some facts about the Independence Day Celebration (IDC) on Celebration Plaza:

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  • The June 30th, 2018 Fireworks Show was cut short due to electrical issues.
  • The City of Sulphur Springs did not cut the show short.
  • Pyrotecnico was completely in charge of the entire fireworks display.
  • The City of Sulphur Springs works closely with Pyrotecnico to make the event safe and successful.
  • No Tax dollars went towards the Fireworks Show.
  • The City of Sulphur Springs has no restrictions on the length of the show.
  • The Fireworks are completely paid for by funds raised by the Sulphur Springs Symphony League.(SSSL)
  • Major contributions to the show were made by, Alliance Bank, Grocery Supply Company, CHRISTUS Trinity Mother Frances, and Sulphur Springs Symphony League Members.

More details on the actual cause of the failure may be coming.  The SSSL is working with Pyrotecnico to resolve this issue. The SSSL has contracted with Pyrotecnico for several consecutive years, and this is the first failure known.

If you have concerns about the IDC, please direct them to the SSSL Facebook Page.  Please keep in mind that no one is more disappointed than the SSSL board members.  SSSL Board members all had family and friends at the event.  The board works all year long to make this and other events possible.  The SSSL Boards sincerely apologizes for any disappointment anyone experienced Saturday night.

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