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2019-2023 Capital Improvement Program Includes 10 Major Projects

During their Tuesday night council session, the Sulphur Springs City Council approved 10 projects for the Capital Improvement Program for 2019-2023. All but two of the projects include water and sewer line replacement along with street rehabilitation. Those two projects, Highway 11 Rock Creek Crossing and a Highway 11 West  a reimbursable expense, will be sewer only.  The total cost of the 5-year plan is estimated to be $11,017,963.

In the graph below, provided by the city Development Office, the highlighted amounts are the project costs approved by the council. Not all streets will be concrete Connally Street, College Street from Jackson to Como Streets,  and College Street from the downtown square to Jackson Street will be concrete streets with water and sewer lines replace. Other streets on the list were approved to be asphalt only by vote of the council.


Author: Staff Reporter

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