Wildcat 7-on-7 in Pleasant Grove for Three Games

Wildcat varsity 7-on-7 football travels to Pleasant Grove for games Tuesday evening. Three 30-minute games will be played. There will be no halftime but there will be a 10-minute break between each game.


The Wildcats face Mt Pleasant at 6 p.m. on field 1. Texas High and Pleasant Grove are on Field 2… at 6:40 , on Field 1, the Wildcats play host Pleasant Grove while Mt Pleasant and Texas High take to Field 2. The evening ends with a 7:20 start for game 3 on Field 2 for the Wildcats and Texas High. Pleasant Grove and MP are on field 1 for the final game.


7-on-7 football provides an opportunity to continue the development of pass and receive as well as skill development for defensive backs. Interceptions are worth 3 points in 7-on-7.

Author: Staff Reporter

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