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Four Taking Veteran’s Honor Flights to be Honored Thursday on Courthouse Steps

Four U. S. Military Veterans will be honored Thursday, May 3, 2018, 11:30 a.m. on the Courthouse steps. The four Hopkins County men either have or will soon participate in a Veterans Honor Flight. Veterans Honor Flights provide an opportunity for veterans to visit the various war memorials in the nation’s capital. Thursday’s event will including remarks by David Watson who was an escort on a previous flight, Gordon Payne, a veteran who was on a previous Honor Flight, and Hopkins County Judge Robert Newsom.

Lynn Turner was a member of Flight #36 in March of this year. Turner was in the Navy and served in the Korean War. He was accompanied by his Grandson, David Simpson. Robert Carpenter and Don Deaton will fly out Friday, May 4th on flight #37. Carpenter was in the Army and served in Korea and Vietnam. His son Mark Carpenter will accompany him on the flight. Deaton, was in the Army and will be accompanied by his daughter, Gina Law. J. G. (John) Williams will be on flight #38 set for June. Williams was in the Navy and served in Korea. His grandson Jesse James will accompany him.

The public is invited to the event.

Author: Staff Reporter

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