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Conliffe, Lil 4s Honored by GoFundMe to Celebrate Women’s History Month

by Heidi Hagberg with GoFundMe

To celebrate Women’s History Month and everyday heroes, GoFundMe is honoring Letitia Conliffe as she has dedicated her life to helping the children in her hometown of Sulphur Springs. After enduring life on the streets as a single mother, she recognized the importance of paying it forward to help teens in her community who are facing similar hardships but have dreams to change their fate.

Thirty years ago, Letitia was forced to the streets with her 1-year-old and faced many hardships in her childhood/teen years but always had this desire to change her fate. In 2013, Letitia looked around her town and realized not much has changed: drugs, alcohol and gangs still ravaged families and children still went to school hungry and stressed. So, she took matters into her own hands.

Letita founded Lil 4s – a safe haven for children to have a hot meal and a stable, welcoming environment for kids to do homework, play with friends, or simply get a hug. Up to fifty children ranging in age from five to seventeen utilize the free services Letitia provides. The community recognized the impact Lil 4s was having on the children but, also, how Letita was struggling to finance the facility.

A member of the community started a GoFundMe which raised $20,000 in one month to help Lil 4’s stay in business through the holidays and provide a Christmas meal and presents for over 20 families.

Today, Lil 4s is fundraising in hopes of buying a new van to transport kids, pay for repairs to the facility, and bring in guest speakers to show the kids what they can accomplish if they stay on track.


Author: Staff Reporter

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