Empower Texans Heavy Investing in Texas Senate District 2 Incumbent Hall and House District 2 Candidate Slaton

Two ultra conservatives seeking to serve Hopkins County and the  Texas Senate and House District 2 are among the recipients of the largest campaign contributions made by Empower Texans. The political PACT, Empower Texans, describes itself as “a non-profit service” organization. Through multiple media formats, we educate and inspire Texans to exercise effective citizenship. Using research, reporting, and advocacy, we empower taxpayers to advocate for good governance and hold their elected officials accountable.” However, Empower Texans is working as a PACT.

Empower Texans is acting as a PACT, a political action group made up in 2017 of 190 individuals out of the projected 28 million plus residents of Texas in 2018. Yet, much of their over $2-million in contributions came from limited sources. Giving to Empower Texans in 2017 included: Tim Dunn, $1,065,000.00; Farris Wilks, $725,000.00; David Middleton, $200,000.00 ; Kyle Stallings, $100,000.00; Holloway Frost  $50,000.00; David Pendery, $50,000.00. Other contributions were $1,000 or less. Not only has Empower Texans contributed to the local campaigns but contributing members have also given individually to the local candidates.

State Senate District 2 incumbent Republican Bob Hall will receive $150,000 from Empower Texans, the largest amount give to one candidate in the most recent report period. State Representative District 2 challenger Bryan Slaton will receive the fifth largest amount at $50,000. In the last report period, Empower Texas is handing out just over $1-million. In fact, Hall has not only received a large contribution from Empower Texans but as individuals, Tim Dunn has contributed 150,000 and Farris Wilks has contributed $125,000 to Hall’s campaign. Other members of Empower Texans have also made contributions to Slaton’s campaign. Some people believe that with these contributions, both representatives will be indebted to Empower Texans and a few of the members of the organization. The contributions of Empower Texans and the individuals in the organization make up a substantial body of financial support for the two.

Empower Texans seem to have an agenda against public education. Recent letters to every teacher the state have invited those teachers to be whistleblowers against their administrations. Both Hall and Slaton are strong in their announced support of a voucher system and Hall has expressed his disregard for Pre-K and Kindergarten by his votes in the Texas Senate. Superintendents in west Texas schools said in October of last year, “Groups like Empower Texans are not empowering the state due to the organizations support of a voucher system and “is attacking public schools in that way.”

Slaton, who has spent much of his life in Christian youth ministry, says he will “stand up to Government abuse, constant overstepping and the overall burden it places on taxpayers.”

Author: Staff Reporter

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