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Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning: Hard Freeze Warning for Hopkins, Delta, Rains, Hunt

A Hard Freeze Warning has been issued for Tuesday night into Wednesday morning for Hopkins, Delta, Rain, and Hunt Counties. Temperatures will fall into the low teens Tuesday evening with some areas dropping into single digits prior to sunrise Wednesday along and north of a line from Eastland to Denton to Emory.

The temperatures could be at or below 10 degrees for three (3) to six (6) six. Uninsulated pipes may burst due to the extreme cold. The cold weather will present extreme danger to pets, plants, livestock, and people.

To prevent freezing of pipes, either wrap exposed pipes or allow faucets to slowly drip. Ensure that irrigations systems are turned off and winterized. Preparations should be made now to protect any plants that are sensitive to these extreme temperatures. Also remember to provide adequate shelter or arrangements for outdoor pets.  

Author: Staff Reporter

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