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Christmas in the Park: A Must See For All

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Christmas in the Park is at Heritage Park, 416 N. Jackson street. If you haven’t ventured out to check out Heritage Park mark your calendar for December 2nd. History, Snacks, Music, and Christmas combine to bring you a holiday experience like no other. Learn about printing presses, old fire engines, black smithing, and more. There are talented carolers, and in the old church building you can find amazing architecture and beautiful christmas music.


The park had many visitors on Nov. 25th and everyone seemed to be having a great time. Brenda and Ed Payne were manning the old post office. They’ve been working at the heritage museum for 20 years and enjoy reliving the past. Ed’s favorite part is the old tools in the shed house.

Bob McClure played classic christmas tunes on his dulcimer. He got started playing the dulcimer 18 years ago when he and his wife were at Mary of Puddin Hill and he said “That is such a beautiful sound, I have to know what that is!” He found the guy and has been playing ever since.

Ron Siebler was teaching people how to blacksmith. He used traditional coal to heat the steel and facinated the crowds while he twisted and hammered the metal. The kids excitedly watched as sparks flew after Ron had placed water on the anvil creating a “blacksmith’s firecracker”.

Long lines were outside the dog run house at the back of the property where Santa and his elf Michael were taking pictures with good boys and girls. There was hot cocoa, apple cider, coffee, cookies and popcorn available at each building. The general Store housed perfect Christmas gift items.


At only $3 per person and children 7 and under free this hometown event is completely worth the price.

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Author: Savannah Everett

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