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Hopkins County EMT’s and AMBUS in Rockport

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The most recent update from Hopkins County AMBUS crew and EMS Director Brent Smith received by KSST:

“Its been about 16 hours since I was able to update you last.  Yesterday morning on Saturday when around daybreak, is when our crew was briefed and tasked to attach in a convoy with an IRAT (Incident Response Assessment Team) with DPS, TxDOT, 20 Coach Buses and a compliment of 2 ambulances to make entry into “ground zero” Rockport Tx.  Of the initial tasks given yesterday morning, I am proud we were chosen to lead the way with this specialized team.  Our purpose was to get to Rockport and establish a medical assessment and treatment rally point for the locals.  As you may of heard about damage to a shelter at a school in Rockport on the news with persons trapped inside, this was our first stop.

“Traveling to Rockport was slow going due to high water and debris associated with road closures.  Approx 7 hours from being launched from San Antonio staging we arrived at the Live Oak School in Rockport.  Upon arrival there was 2 local EMT’s and approx. 175 civilians located inside the school, which looked to be fairly new in construction.  We assessed breathing difficulty patients that normally are on oxygen at home which had run out, and a few diabetic patients.  We used one of our attached ambulance crews from Argyle FD to dO an immediate to CHRISTUS Spohn in Corpus Christi with a dialysis patient in moderate distress. Just note, even when not in Sulphur Springs we still take our patients to CHRISTUS.  The school shelter and evacuation of the approx. 175 took a few hours.  We arrived at our current location in Rockport Tx which is an old HEB store parking lot and established a staging area.  Fuel trucks, State Military Forces which were also in our convoy were setting up staging while we did the school evacuation.  Last night just after midnight we were able to refuel our vehicles at staging and finally get something to eat (MRE’s).  Fortunately we were able to sleep from around 0100 until 0700 this morning.

“The City of Rockport is pretty destroyed overall, with obviously no power, water, etc.  We were fortunate to get a small portable cell tower running this morning that is part of the DPS assets.  Other than that are only form of communication since around 1300 yesterday has been with our MSAT’s (satellite) phones.   Current operations today have included treating patients here at our established base.  We have seen several, mostly walking wounded, but have had 2 transports by ambulances to Corpus Christi one of which was an active MI. All staff and crews are doing well with no issues.”

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Author: Staff Reporter

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