Freezer Purchased for County Jail Saves Taxpayer Dollars

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The freezer purchased at a cost near $40,000 for use by Hopkins County Jail will save the county thousands of dollars and according to Sheriff Lewis Tatum, will prove storage for meat and vegetables produced by local inmates for meals at the jail. Tatum said currently some 900 chickens have been stored courtesy of a local business and those will be moved to the freezer. He also said that about $70,000 of meat has been processed since the first of the year and much of that can be stored in the freezer along with vegetables.

The purpose of the freezer is to keep items through the winter months as well as during production. A seal pack unit prepares the items for the freezer and all the work is performed by trusted inmates. The freezer is installed at the jail facility near the kitchen area.

Tatum stated that when the jail was built no one knew the freezer would be needed. However, Commissioners Court has dipped into funds secured but not used for the building of the jail facility to assist in funding the freezer.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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