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Thornton Wins 5K Milk Run

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Landan Thornton, 16, was the overall winner of the 5K Milk Run Friday evening  during Hopkins County Dairy Festival Activities. Thornton’s time  was 17:43.1 for a 5:43 mile. Second overall was Ross Hicks, 26, competing in the Male age 19-29 Division. Hicks pace was 5:53 per mile for an 18:13.4 over-all time. Adrianna Proffit, 15, was the Female Overall Winner with a time of 22:50.3 for a 7:22 per mile pace.

In the female Divisions:

Eden Godwin, 7, won the 10 and Under Division with a time of 53:37.7 or 17:18 per mile pace. McKenzie Glenn, 24, won the 19-29 age group with a 27:18 time or 8:48 per mile pace. Adrian Childress, 37, was 7th overall and won the 30-39 age group. She ran the 5K in 25:48.4 with an 8:19 per mile pace. In the 40-49 age group, Kari Enge, 41, ran a 10:01 per mile pace. Debbie Williams,53, won the 50 and over with a 10:19 per mile pace.

For the male division, Cade Childress, 9 finished 16th overall with a time of 25:48.2 or an 8:19 per mile pace. For males 11-18, Chase Bennett, 14, was 3rd overall with an 18:24.7 time and a 5:56 per mile pace. Shiloh Childress, 39, won the 30-39 age group with a 19:56.5 time or a 6:26 per mile pace. He was 5th overall. Duane Sprague, 44, won the male 40-49 age group with a 22:02.7 time or 7:06 per mile pace. Jon Walk, 50, won  the male 50 and over group with a 30:33.8 time for a 9:51 per mile pace.

Find the top 100 in both the men and women divisions here.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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