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June Personnel Changes Approved in SSISD

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Tuesday night following their June regular meeting Executive Session, the Sulphur Springs ISD Board announced the following personnel changes.

Summer Contracts- due to mid-term hire date

Crystal Cervantes                             Grade 3 Teacher                                            SS Elementary

Maria Martinez                                 Grade 5 Teacher                                            Douglas

Jordan Tyler                                      SpEd Teacher                                                 Middle School


Mickie Wilson                                   Kindergarten Teacher                                    ECLC


Mackenzie Pettit                               Instructional Technology Specialist            Administration

Star Erwin                                          Pre-Kindergarten Teacher                            ECLC

Tabatha Ibarra                                  DLE Head Start 4 Teacher                            ECLC

Selena Santana                                 Bilingual Aide                                                  ECLC

Kimber Thompson                           Grade 3 Teacher                                             SS Elementary

Jennifer Bunch                                 ELAR Teacher                                                 Middle School

Robert McDaniel                             Asst. Band Director                                         Middle School

Jennifer Turner                                Band Director                                                  Middle School

Nathan Woodard                             Art Teacher                                                      Middle School

New Personnel

Esmeralda Aguilar                          Title I Aide                                                        ECLC

Ashley Cannon                                Pre-Kindergarten Teacher                            ECLC

Oksana Wallis                                  Head Start Aide                                               ECLC

Nickole Brown                                  Grade 2 Teacher                                             Lamar

Monica Hernandez                          Title I Aide                                                       Travis

LaWanda Losey                               Grade 2 Teacher                                              Travis

Sarah Metcalf                                   Grade 4 Teacher                                              SS Elementary

Morgan Nutt                                      Grade 3 Teacher                                             SS Elementary

Charla O’Brien                                 Grade 4 Bilingual Teacher                            SS Elementary

Meghan Ricker                                 Grade 3 Teacher                                              SS Elementary

Charlotte Wilson                              Grade 4 Teacher                                              SS Elementary

Kimberly Isonhood                          English Teacher                                              Middle School

Ashleigh Luke                                  Art Teacher                                                      Middle School

Jinjer Postlethwait                           SpEd Aide                                                        Middle School

Steven Allemang                              Science Teacher                                               High School

Jamie Funderburk                           SpEd Aide                                                        High School

Lindsay Hurley                                 Instructional Aide                                           Austin Academic Center

Crusita Maldonado                          Instructional Aide                                            Austin Academic Center

Personnel Changes                      New position/campus                                  Former position/campus

Laci Ragan                                       ELAR Coordinator/Administration                             Grade 2 Teacher/Lamar

Crystal Cervantes                            Head Start 4 Bilingual Teacher/ECLC                       Grade 3 Teacher/SS Elementary

Angela Grimes                                 Instructional Interventionist/SS Elem                       Grade 3 Teacher/SS Elementary

Sasha Posey                                      Academic Specialist/SS Elementary                           English Teacher/Middle School

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Author: Staff Reporter

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