Day 2 of The Edge; Athletes Investing In Themselves

At the end of the second day of The Edge conditioning program Tuesday morning in the Multipurpose Building, Wildcats Defensive Coordinator Triston Abron asked the athletes if they got better today. He said only they know the answer.

Wildcats Head Football Coach and Athletic Director Greg Owens told them if each of their reps were done with their best effort, they can’t help but get better. He had them chant, Build My House. Wildcats Offensive Coordinator Matt Young said numbers seemed to improve on Tuesday. He said a couple of athletes who could not come Monday showed up Tuesday. Coach Young said it seemed like more middle school students were in attendance Tuesday also. He put the overall total Tuesday at around 200 with about 150 older kids and around 50 middle schoolers. Coach Young said the athletes showed great effort and really good attitudes.

He said Tuesday was squat day in the weight room with emphasis on power squats. Coach Young said agility drills included some explosive straight line plyometrics. Bungee cords were used. He said some drills attempted to create muscle memory for running with better technique for efficiency. Flexibility was stressed as athletes walked over several hurdles. Explosion was emphasized as athletes had to leap on boxes from a standing start. They also pull sleds while running. Tuesday ended with gassers. Athletes run over and back across the field six times with short rests in between. Coach Young said the athletes are investing in themselves and are building themselves up based on what effort they want to give.

Author: Jimmy Rogers

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