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County Fire Chief Injured in Accident; Traffic Backed Up on I-30 Wednesday

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An accident on I-30 westbound at Bill Bradford Road created a second accident when a driver of an semi-truck failed to control speed. Both accidents created a traffic backup for approximately 4 miles. Traffic was routed onto the service road for about an hour following the second accident. Andy Endsley, Hopkins County Fire Chief was injured in the second accident.

Wednesday, two motorcycles and two autos were involved in a traffic accident at the above location. Hopkins County Fire Department Station 20 responded with city units to control traffic and assist as first responders. Engine 20 was blocking the left hand lane on the interstate but having difficulty slowing traffic. They called for backup. Chief Endsley parked his official vehicle about 2000 yards behind the fire truck, according to Hopkins County Sheriff’s Department Lt. Tanner Crump. Crump said the driver of the semi-truck was not paying attention until the last moment when he saw the lights of the Chief’s vehicle. The truck swerved to miss the vehicle but the Honda Pilot behind him slammed on brakes and stopped just prior to hitting the Chief’s unit. However, an auto behind the Honda hit it and pushed it into the Chief’s vehicle. Crump said the driver and passengers in the Honda were transported to the local hospital by ambulance and Endsley was transported by Crump in his vehicle. Endsley was treated and later released. He was off duty Thursday and Friday.

The driver of the semi-truck was charged with driving with suspended license and failure to control speed.


Author: Staff Reporter

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