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SSISD Personnel Changes Made Monday

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A number of personnel changes were made by the Sulphur Springs ISD Board Monday night during their April meeting. Professional employment contracts were approved, as recommended, for the 2017-2018 school year.


Cindy Welch        Fine Arts Clerical Aide        High School        05/31/17


Jamie Hale        SpEd Aide                ECLC            05/31/17

Sonya Smith        Campus Secretary            ECLC            06/15/17

Rebecca Woods    Head Start Secretary            ECLC            06/15/17

Rebecca Shirley    Grade 1 Teacher            Lamar            05/31/17

Amanda Salters    Grade 1 Bilingual Teacher        Travis            05/31/17

Jack Brandon        Science Teacher            Middle School        05/31/17

Sarah Frazier        Math Teacher                Middle School        04/05/17

Macy Hurley        PE Teacher/Girls Coach        Middle School        05/31/17

Chelby Murray        SpEd Aide                Middle School        05/31/17

Morgan Taylor        Math Teacher                Middle School        05/31/17

Brad Abell        HSTE Teacher/Asst. Trainer        High School        05/31/17

Jennifer Carter    HSTE Teacher            High School        05/31/17

Nancy Reese        Family & Consumer Sci Teacher    High School        05/31/17

Breanna Richey    English Teacher            High School        05/31/17

Gina Wilder        Computer Programming Teacher    High School        05/31/17

Stephanie Cowden    SpEd Aide                Connections        04/13/17

New Personnel

Sheryl Carnes        LSSP Intern                Special Services

Tiffany Kral        Grade 3 Teacher            SS Elementary

Alexsa Baylus        English Teacher            Middle School

Lynn Haberstroh    Math Teacher                Middle School

Dustin Lawson    Math Teacher                Middle School

Sara Price        PE/Girls Coach            Middle School

Ryan Watts        Science Teacher            Middle School

Amber Norris        Academic Specialist            High School

Brynn Smith        HSTE Teacher            High School

Personnel Change        New position/campus         Former position/campus

Sara Tanton            Maintenance Sec/Administration    Campus Secretary/Bowie

Whitney Helfferich        Kindergarten/ECLC            Grade 3/SS Elementary

Pam Scott            Head Start Sec/ECLC            Campus Secretary/Travis

Rachel Kistler            Academic Spec./Bowie        Literacy Support/Bowie

Ana Ramirez            Academic Spec./Travis        Grade 2 Bilingual/Travis



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Author: Staff Reporter

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