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Wrong Direction on One Way Cumby Street Results in DFZ Arrest

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Raymond Edward Dafft, 51, of Commerce was driving his Toyota in the wrong direction on a one way street in Cumby when a Cumby law enforcement officer saw him.

Dafft presented the officer with an expired driver’s license and a records check showed the license suspended. Dafft gave consent to search the vehicle and the officer found a small white plastic container on the passenger’s side with two different types of pills. Both are listed as a controlled substance. Dafft was driving the wrong way in the 100 block of Donelton Street near Cumby schools, a drug free zone.

He is in Hopkins County jail charged with two counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance Penalty Group 3 under 28-grams in a Drug Free Zone. He is held on a total of $10,000 in bonds.


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Author: Staff Reporter

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