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Miller Grove News March 10, 2017

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Weather has been improving and everything has started to green up.  The trees are starting to put on leaves, flowers are beginning to bloom, grass is getting thick and turning a bright green color, and the vegetables in the garden are starting to perk up.  The few rains we have received have done a world of good.  I was even proud to get to mow the yard the other day but I know that feeling will wear off as we move into summer.

Tuesday a 14-person committee met at Miller Grove High School library to discuss options involved in becoming labeled as a District of Innovation by the Texas Education Agency.  Some readers may be familiar with this from reading articles published in the News-Telegram but for those of you who have not heard about this special designation I will try to briefly explain what the program is designed to do.  House Bill 1842, which was passed during the 84th Legislative Session, was aimed to help districts across the state be able to take back some of the local control that has been slowly taken away from them in the past.  The local school board has to approve any changes that would be made in the district and the Commissioner of Education also has to be notified in a formal document drafted by the school of the planned changes.  There are several different areas that can been modified thru the special District of Innovation designation.  Our committee has decided to seek changes in only 8 areas which range from administrative processes to educational opportunities for our students.  If you would like to view the plan, it will be posted on the district’s website for 30 days before having a hearing to discuss the plan and whether the proposed plan will be approved by the school board.  If approved, the plan would be able to stay in place for 5 years.  I served on the committee and I can say from being employed with the district for nearly 10 years and being on the school board for 3 years, the 8 areas that are being addressed for approval would greatly help our school, our faculty, and most importantly our students.

Please keep Steve Dodd and his family in your prayers.  I heard that he was recently in an automobile accident and in the hospital.  I’m sure many of you know his parents, Jerry and Brenda (Petty) Dodd, of the neighboring Divide community.

Miller Grove Volunteer Fire Department has announced their 3rd annual predator hunt.  The hunt has been scheduled for Saturday, March 18 thru Sunday, March 19, with a 60% payout.  The VFD is also raffling off a Ruger Savage .204 with a 25” barrel and walnut stock.  This will be a great fundraiser for anyone who has an interest in participating.  For additional information about the hunt or raffle or for more information about joining the Volunteer Fire Department you can contact Ray Sparks or Justin Block.
I would like to take a moment to brag on a few of my family members.  First would be my niece, Savanna Darrow.  She is in second grade at Travis Elementary in Sulphur Springs and she was recently a competitor at Storytelling in UIL.  I was really proud when I received the news that she had won second place honors in the event.  She was all smiles while I asked her questions about her big day.

Next on the bragging list is my cousin, Jessy Darrow.  He has been playing football for the Sulphur Springs Wildcats since moving to Sulphur Springs this year from Missouri.  I was very proud to hear that he had signing to play football with Navarro College in Corsicana after graduating this year.  Now, receiving the honor of being selected to play college ball is pretty cool but on top of that Jessy has also been chosen to play the Fellowship of Christian Athletes All-Star football game in Tyler this coming summer.  So, to sum it up it sounds like Jessy will be having a great year in 2017.  I’m sure many of you know Jessy’s grandparents, Ronny and Kathy Darrow and Don and Claudia Jones.  His great-grandmother is Gay Walls of Miller Grove as well.

Last but not least is my uncle, Johnny Darrow, spoke and sang two songs at Brashear Baptist Church last Sunday.  He has been doing some speaking at churches over the past year or so and was finally able to arrange to come to our church at Brashear.

Happy Birthday to Johnny Ferguson, Jordan Lennon, & Lindsey (Watson) Cipoletta on Mar. 12; Jana (Adams) Ray on Mar. 13; Peggy (Burns) Rohrer & Bradley Darrow on Mar. 14; Samantha Petty on Mar. 16; and Ginger McCreight, Derek McCreight, Fran Sparks, Jenny (Weatherly) Arledge & Joe Weatherly on Mar. 18.
Happy 39th Wedding Anniversary to my parents, Brett and Lynda Darrow, on Mar. 18.

As you travel the highways and byways don’t forget that all roads lead back home and back to Miller Grove. Please send me any newsworthy information. My email address is [email protected].

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Author: Staff Reporter

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