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SSISD Appoints Planning Committee to Seek Proposed District of Innovation

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Under House Bill 1842 passed during the 84th Texas legislative session, Texas public school districts have an opportunity to be designated at a District of Innovation. In a recent session of the SSISD board, the local district voted to become a school of innovation. A number of other schools in the area are also taking the step. Specific qualifiers, having attained the accountability rating of “Met Standard”, allow a district to become a district of innovation.

The designation allows the district to be exempt from certain sections of the Texas Education Code that inhibits the goals of the district. The designation has only a five year life span. Among those options offered are:

  • Innovative curriculum, instructional methods, and provisions regarding community participation, campus governance, and parental involvement.
  • Modifications to the school day or year.
  • Provisions regarding the district budget and sustainable program funding.
  • Accountability and assessment measures that exceed the requirements of state and federal law.
  • Any other innovations prescribed by the Board of Trustees.

The proposal provides a proposed timeline for plan development and approval through notifying the commissioner of education on April 11 of this year. In order to meet that timeline, a 26-member Planning Committee was elected that is composed of the Superintendent, all Principals, six elementary teachers, two secondary teachers, two parent and two business representatives and a community representative along with select specific staff.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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