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Wildcats, Lady Cats Off Tuesday; Return to Hardwood Friday

In a seven team district like both the Wildcats and Lady Cats are in, each game night one of the district’s teams has to have the night off while the other six play. Both the Wildcats and Lady Cats have their first round bye Tuesday night.

The Lady Cats are 5-0 in district play coming into the open date and the Wildcats are 3-0 in district play. Both resume play Friday against Mt. Pleasant. The Wildcats will face the Tigers at home while the Lady Cats will play the Lady Tigers on the road. Mt. Pleasant teams are matched up against Texas High Tuesday night before playing the Wildcats and Lady Cats.

Both Wildcats Basketball Coach Clark Cipoletta and Lady Cats Basketball Coach Jeff Chapman have indicated they hope to take in the Texas High and Mt. Pleasant games Tuesday night. The Tigers play Texas High at home and the Lady Tigers, coached by former Lady Cats Coach Tina Carrillo, travel to Texarkana.

The Wildcats hit the open date with an 18-4 record while the Lady Cats are 19-3. The Wildcats and Lady Cats second round open date is on Friday, February 3.

Author: Staff Reporter

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