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Agriculture Pesticide Program By Mario Villarino

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AGRICULTURE PESTICIDE PROGRAM: Certification scheduled for February 8, 2017

Many pesticides are regulated from product conception by the manufacturer. Traditionally, several entities (FDA, EPA, USDA and other) regulatory agencies are part of the process of reviewing, controlling or changing the regulatory status of agricultural products. Although the outcome is simple (either deciding if is regulated or not) the process is complex and lengthy. Texas relies in the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) licensing process to oversee the use of restricted pesticides over Texas. Many agricultural products are labelled as restricted according to current usage, regulations and agricultural needs. Sometimes, even products are discontinued from usage after regulatory compliance. To maintain an effective regulatory pesticide program, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension works with TDA to offer training to new private applicators to help get and maintain private applicator licensees. The involvement of extension extends to a) provide options for residents to attend the mandatory training and b) provide required Continuing Education Units (CEU) during the year.  The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) has contracted with PSI Services (PSI) to administer exams for agricultural pesticide applicator licensing. This is the same vendor that administers exams for structural pest control licensing. PSI has been providing credentialing and testing services to state and federal agencies, private sector businesses and professional associations for over 65 years. PSI will provide both excellent quality exam opportunities and a convenient schedule for pesticide applicators to test in 22 locations across the state. The schedule will provide more testing opportunities than previously offered.


Step 1: Attend a Private Pesticide Applicator training session FIRST. Contact your county Texas A&M AgriLife Extension office for training opportunities. Texas A&M AgriLife Extension offers the Texas Private Applicator Training Course online.  You will find more information at or You may purchase training materials at or call (979) 845-1099. Training materials are also available for sale at your local extension office.

Step 2: Upon completion of the training, a Training Verification form (D-1411) will be provided to the applicant. Applicants should keep the yellow copy for their records. The white copy (original) should be mailed to TDA with the Private Pesticide Applicator license application form(PA-400P).

Step 3: The applicant needs to obtain a hard copy of the Private Pesticide Applicator license application form (PA-400P) from TDA. (Website: or Phone: 1-800-835-5832 or 512-463-7622).

Step 4: Submit the completed Private Pesticide Applicator application form, license fee of $100, and the white (original) copy of the Training Verification form to TDA for processing.

Step 5: When the license application is accepted, TDA will send the applicant a letter in the mail with their Account Number. This Account Number is the number the applicator will use to register and schedule the Private applicatorexam with PSI

Step 6: Applicants can go to or call 1-800-733-9267 to schedule an exam at one of 22 locations around the state. The private applicator will pay the exam fee.If  the applicant fails the first attempt, there is a 24 hour waiting period to take a repeat exam.oPSI will provide a confirmation number and testing location information.

Step 7: Upon completion of the exam, the center will provide test results immediately. A passing grade is 70%.

Step 8: PSI will send exam scores to TDA daily. If all licensing criteria are met, TDA will issue the license.

Important: If an applicant has any questions about licensing or categories, please contact TDA at 1-800-835-5832or 512-463-7622.  PSI staff cannot provide licensing advice or information.

If you or somebody that you know is interested in becoming a private pesticide applicator, contact the Hopkins County Extension Office at 903-885-3443 or email me at [email protected] . The training date is coming soon!.

Extension programs serve people of all ages regardless of socioeconomic level, race, color, sex, religion, disability, genetic information, veteran status or national origin. The Texas A&M University System, U.S. Department of Agriculture, and the County Commissioners Courts of Texas Cooperating.


Mario Villarino DVM, Ph.D.
Hopkins County Extension Agent for Ag and NR
1200B Houston Street
Sulphur Springs, Texas 75482

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