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New Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon Signal Lights Installed at A & M-Commerce

Texas Department of Transportation officials today announced that installation of new pedestrian hybrid beacon signal lights has begun at two locations in Hunt County to improve pedestrian safety near Texas A&M University at Commerce.

The High-intensity Activated Crosswalk (HAWK) signals are being installed along State Highway 24/11 on the western edge of the university, and on Culver Street near the Whitley Residence Hall.

North Texas Traffic Systems Construction Ltd., of Bonham, Texas, began work on these signals Nov. 30 at an estimated cost of more than $160,000. The target date for completion of this safety project is January 2017, TxDOT officials said.

After the signals are installed, pedestrians wishing to cross the road will push a button to activate the crosswalk signal and receive visual and audio prompts to do so after yellow and red beacon lights signal drivers to stop for pedestrians. After pedestrians are safely across the road, the roadway beacons prompt stopped drivers to resume travel cautiously.

This online video provides an example of how HAWK signals work:

TxDOT officials said the new pedestrian hybrid beacon signal lights will improve the safety of pedestrian crossings, and provide drivers approaching these crossings with better visual cues to make a safe stop for pedestrian traffic.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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