Foster Volunteers Needed at Animal Shelter

Current Animal Shelter Facilities

Current Animal Shelter Dog Facilities

The Sulphur Springs Animal Shelter is in need of foster home volunteers, especially for large dog breeds. Currently, the Shelter only has two fosters that take care of large animals. “What the foster does is they hold the animals — they house them so that we have more room here to bring animals in,” Shelter Officer Barbi Blanch said. “Right now we have three animals under foster care with two foster homes, and those are our only fosters. We don’t have anybody that does the big dogs, because they need a little more room and usually a secure fence.”

A foster volunteer primarily watches over the animal, keeping it fed, bathed, and healthy until it is adopted. Fosters are also required to bring the animal to off-site adoptions whenever required. “We have off-sites almost every weekend, and we just make sure that they come drop them off,” Officer Blanch said. “They don’t have to stay, unless they’re one of our volunteers that helps, and they just pick them up at 4 o’clock if they’re not adopted.”

People wanting to become foster volunteers can do so by checking with Officer Blanch at the Animal Shelter on Airport RD. The Shelter will then check the volunteer’s residence to see that it meets requirements. “If we have a big dog, you can’t just open have an open yard,” Officer Blanch said. “It does have to be a fenced in area, and one secure enough that you’re not right on the highway if the animal does jump out. We haven’t had any jump out of our kennels yet, so as of now we don’t have any jumpers.”

As of now, the Animal Shelter is at maximum capacity and is unable to take in any more animals. Maximum capacity was reached in the last week after picking up roughly 20 animals when before they housed only two. “Without the fosters, then we have a lot of healthy animals that could be adopted out, but are probably going to be euthanized,” Officer Blanch said.


Current Animal Shelter Cat Facilities

Current Animal Shelter Cat Facilities

Author: Staff Reporter

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