Family Practice Physician Residency Program new at Memorial Hospital


Dr. Leslie Tingle and Sherry Moore of Memorial Hospital make announcement during National Healthcare Month of a new Graduate Medical Education program that will significantly benefit the local community. Developed by the Hopkins County Hospital District, the new three-year program will be open to graduate physicians from all over the country starting in the Fall of 2016. These physicians seeking specialties will take the initial portion of their training at University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Tyler (now re-branded UT Northeast) and conclude training in Sulphur Springs. Dr. Tingle, formerly Director of Residency Program for Baylor, Scott and White Family Medicine Residency in Garland, Texas was hired in August 2015 to design the local program and apply for accreditation.

In April 2016, the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) awarded accreditation to the new Family Medicine Residency program that will be located here in Sulphur Springs. Residency training is required after medical school to prepare young physicians to enter the specialty of their choice. During residency, young physicians gain clinical experience under supervision. Residents are gradually afforded more independence and authority as they progress through this training, but at all times are supervised by qualified faculty physicians. At the conclusion of residency training here in Hopkins County, these physicians are eligible to take the specialty board examination given by the American Board of Family Medicine. The program is a way in which the HCHD seeks to attract new Family Medicine Physicians to work and settle in the Sulphur Springs area.

Author: Enola Gay

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