7-On-7 Wildcats vs Van Vandals Tuesday, 4 p.m.; Spring Football



If the Wildcats Blue and White Spring Game didn’t satisfy your football needs this spring, tonight there is 7 on 7 football action here in town. The Van Vandals 7 on 7 team will be showing up. Action gets underway at around 4 p.m. according to Wildcats Offensive Coordinator Matt Young. Two Sulphur Springs High School 7 on 7 teams will compete with Van. Each team will play two games. Coach Young estimates action may continue to around 6 p.m. This competition was added to the schedule after a planned 7 on 7 tournament in Marshall last Saturday was canceled. The Wildcats varsity 7 on 7 team will also participate in a state qualifier tournament on June 17 in Rowlett.

Spring Workouts

One of the purposes of spring workouts for the Wildcats was to development the offensive line. Consider that done according to Wildcats Offensive Coordinator Matt Young. After spring workouts and the Spring Game, Coach Young said the offensive line was miles ahead of where they were because they are healthy. He noted that last year was about constantly shifting bodies around due to injuries. Coach Young said Spencer Bramlett played three positions and natural defensive player Tyrese Williams ended up playing in the offensive line. The improvement was noticeable during the Spring Game as Coach Young said the first team offensive line had several multiple play drives. The White Team opened the game with a 70-yard touchdown drive. Coach Young said sometimes the offense during the Spring Game was not pretty but he added players got a lot of reps and touches. He said he was pleased with their level of execution. Coach Young said come the fall they would need only a quick review to get on the right page so they can focus on details. Coach Young credited receiver D.J. Abron for having the catch of the game during the Spring Game. He said Tyler Armstrong made a great throw and Abron had an incredible catch. Even defensive back Tiesan Goodson gave Abron props for the touchdown catch.

Spring football allowed the Wildcats to install a base 3-4 defensive front according to Wildcats Defensive Coordinator Triston Abron. Coach Abron said things went so well he was also able to add some wrinkles to the defense. In case some teams expect the 3-4 on every down, Coach Abron said his defense would also be capable to jumping into defensive looks from past seasons including a 4-3 or 4-2-5 look. Coach Abron said the biggest positive to spring ball was the fact that there were no serious injuries. He admitted the defense gave up more points than he wanted to see in the Spring Game. He felt like mistakes made during the game were ones that were easily correctable. Coach Abron said a lot of questions for the defense were answered during the spring. He said he thought spring workouts were worth losing the practice days and the one scrimmage in August. In August, Coach Abron said defensive coaches now know areas that need working on. He said lots of the players matured and got much better this spring. Coach Abron said he favored having more spring workouts in the future.

Author: Staff Reporter

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