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The Joe’s Exxon station, located on 1234 S Broadway ST, is now offering customers the Plenti card program. The Plenti Card allows card-holders to collect points through purchases in order to earn discounts and savings when buying gas and other products. “Depending on how many points you collect, it will show me if you want to take a certain amount off on your next purchase,” Manager Kushal Aryal said. “Whenever you swipe the Plenti Card, if you prepay your gas for $20 and there’s $20 worth of points on your card, then on your next purchase it will tell me on the register if you’d like me to take off $20 so that you don’t have to really pay any cash, you can just work with your points.” It is basically a loyalty program across several different brands.  You can shop at one store and earn discounts on another brand.

The Plenti Card program is used by all AT&T, Macy’s, Exxon, Mobil, Nationwide, Rite Aid, Direct Energy, Enterprise, and Hulu establishments. The Plenti Card can also be connected to Speed Pass: a key-chain device offered by Exxon and Mobil that allows users to instantly pay for gas at the pump by waving the speed pass in front of the Speed Pass Sensor. Card Holders who link their Plenti Card to their Speed Pass can instantly pay for gas and used Plenti Card points without having to leave the pump.

There are a total of six gas stations in Sulphur Springs that use Exxon gas. The three Super Handy gas stations are now using the Plenti Card program with linked Speed Passes. These stations are located at 1700 S Broadway ST, 941 Gilmer ST, and 1401 College ST. None of the three Joe Bob’s gas stations are using the Plenti Card with linked Speed Passes. However, the Joe Bob’s station at 1302 Church ST does accept SpeedPass.

More information about the Plenti Card can be found at
Speed Pass users that want to link to their Plenti Card can do so at

Author: Staff Reporter

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