Study Ranks Hopkins County 91st in State for Overall Health Outcomes

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Out of 240 counties in Texas Hopkins County ranks 91st in overall health outcomes according to a recent report published by a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation program. Neighboring Franklin County ranks 15th with Rains at 83, Hunt at 125, Lamar at 199, and Delta at 204. Several factors were noted in the study. Franklin County, according to the report, only outscored Hopkins County on length of life, education percentages and children in poverty. Rains County slightly outscored Hopkins in the education percentage and Health care costs.

For Hopkins County residents, length of life rates 112th out of the 240 counties. That means that 111 counties have a longer life span among residents than does Hopkins. Premature death (living to an average age, not specific child death) is above the state average but that number is looking better for the county as the number of premature deaths decrease.

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Quality of life for Hopkins residents is 99th out of the 240 counties in the comparison. Poor or fair health is at 17% below the 19% state average. Poor physical health days are at 3.6 which are on state average. Poor mental health days are also near state average. Both poor physical health days and poor mental health days for the state is slightly above the national average. Adult smoking, adult obesity, physical inactivity in the county is slightly above the state average. Yet access to exercise opportunities in the county are considered being well below state averages.

Health insurance is just above state average at 28% and that number is increasing. Uninsured adults in the county are at 33%. Uninsured children are at 18%. Health care costs average $11,375 which is slightly higher than the state average of $10,837.

There is one primary care physician for every 2,960 residents which is well above the 1 for 1680 state average. The number of dentists is well below state numbers. There is one dentist for 3,990 residents compared to one for 1,880 in the state average. Mental health provider numbers also fall short in the county. There is one mental health provider for every 1,710 residents compared to one for 990, which is the state average. Preventable hospital stays are above the state average but that number is decreasing, which is good. Diabetic monitoring is below the state average at 67% compared to 84% and that’s not good. The numbers have fallen in the last two years of the study.  Mammography screening is also falling off in the past few years.

Excessive drinking and alcohol-impaired driving deaths are both below state averages with driving deaths well below at 19% compared to the state percentage of 32%.

Sexually transmitted diseases are on average with the state and, like the state and nation that number is increasing.

Teen births are on state average.

High school graduation is at 92% which is above the states 88% level. Yet, those with some college are below the states 59%. Hopkins has 49% in that category. Children living in poverty are above the state average but children in single-parent household’s number below the state’s average. Unemployment numbers are below state average.

Violent crimes are well below the states average but injury deaths are above.

These numbers and the placement of the 240 counties in Texas are based on the scoring values set by the Foundation. The study was a nationwide study conducted by the foundation.

Author: Staff Reporter

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