North Hopkins One-Act Play Wins District!

According to UIL Sponsor Jennifer Lucas, the North Hopkins District One Act Play cast performed The Demons of Fleet Street by Jerry Ayers at District competition on Thursday, March 24 at PJC and advanced to Bi-District. The team will compete again on Saturday, April 2 at Grayson College around 4:30 pm.

Cast and Crew List
Abreeanna Bisenius (Senior) – Dame Fogg
Aysha Day (Senior) – Extra
Esperanza Deterding (Freshman) – Mrs. Lovett
Katerin Flores (Senior) – Dark Angel
Allyiah French (Junior) – Extra
Mattie Hall (Sophomore) – Johanna
Breeanna Hicks (Freshman) – Beggar Woman
Kelsey Horton (Freshman) – Extra
Cecile Lozano (Freshman) – Alternate
Sheyenne Mitchell (Junior) – Alternate
Nathan Olavide (Senior) – Sweeney Todd
Ryan Reed (Freshman) – Extra
Garrison Roller (Sophomore) – Mr. Oakley
Faith Rutledge (Sophomore) – Extra
Aaron Stanley (Junior) – Extra
Rachel Stanley (Sophomore) – Crew
Samuel Stanley (Sophomore) – Tobias
Allegra Thomas (Senior) – Crew
Veronica Ugalde (Senior) – Crew
Mason Virgel (Senior) – Crew
Colton Wheeler (Senior) – Crew
Victoria Wilburn (Junior) – Extra
IMG_0535 IMG_0509
Outstanding Tech – Veronica Ugalde
Honorable Mention All Star Cast – Esperanza Deterring & Mattie Hall
All Star Cast – Katerin Flores & Breeanna Hicks
Best Actor – Nathan Olavide

Author: Enola Gay

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