SSHS Wins Judy Tipping UIL Academic Meet



Sulphur Springs High School hosted our annual spring UIL meet this past weekend, with 39 schools attending.  We chose to rename our meet in memory of Miss Judy Tipping, one of Sulphur Springs’ lifelong educators, for her unwavering commitment to UIL.

For the small school division, New Boston High School won first place sweepstakes, the Overall Journalism award, and second place team in speech, while Canton High School won second place sweepstakes and the Overall Speech award.  Brownsboro earned second place team in journalism.

For the large school division, SSHS won first place sweepstakes as well as second place team overall in both the journalism and speech.  Mt. Pleasant High School won second place sweepstakes as well as the Overall Speech award.  Whitehouse won the Overall Journalism award.

The individual results for the SSHS Academic Team follow.

In Ready Writing, Lydia Burleson placed first, Steven Payne placed second, and Tori Mattison placed third.

In L-D Debate, Corban Philo won first place.

In Computer Science, Sean Allemang placed second, Trenton Brock placed fourth, Tim Charlton placed fifth. Mauro Basio completed the second place team.

In Accounting, Austin Reyes placed second, and Rinchen Sherpa placed fourth.  Rodolfo Perez completed the first place team.

In Computer Applications, Raynie Hooten placed third, Dylan Joiner placed fifth, and Mikel Relleke placed seventh.

In Literary Criticism, Chloe Ross placed first, Carissa Carter placed second, and Sadie Evans placed fourth.  They also won first place team.

In Spelling and Vocabulary, Lydia Burleson placed first, Mandy Eckhardt placed third, Chase Charlton placed fifth, and Carson McIllwain placed sixth.  They won first place team.

In the journalism events, Steven Payne placed second in Feature Writing, third in Headline Writing, second in Editorial writing, and fourth in News Writing.  Lilli Gallegos placed fourth in Feature Writing, fourth in Headline Writing, third in Editorial Writing, and Fifth in News Writing. Ethan Hettich placed third in news.  They also earned the first place Overall Journalism award.

In Prose Interpretation, Sadie Evans placed third, Lucia Yanez placed fourth, Cassidy Winborn placed fifth.

In Poetry Interpretation, Celeste Laliberte placed second, Jaci Reed placed third, and Sarah Harper placed fifth.

In Informative Speaking, Eli Sellers placed fourth, and Leif Thomas placed sixth.

In Persuasive Speaking, Rhett Reid placed fifth, and Mikel Relleke placed sixth.

In Number Sense, Rodolfo Perez placed fifth and Jessica Rivera placed 8th among 11th graders. The team placed third overall.

In Calculator Applications, Tanner Ramirez placed fifth, and Naimishaba Parmar placed eighth among 12th graders.  Rodolfo Perez placed eighth among 11th graders. Carissa Carter placed third among 9th graders.  The team won third place overall.

In Social Studies, Christian Corona placed second, and Owen Lee placed fifth.  Andrew Foster finished the first place team.

Many thanks go to the parents, students, volunteers, teachers, custodial staff, administrators, and sponsors who helped make this meet happen.  Special thanks go to Nancy Reese and C3 Cats Culinary Cuisine, her culinary arts students, and Jennifer Philo for providing the meal for Friday night’s events, and to Jeannie Pace and SSISD Food Service for providing the hospitality room and a concession stand for Saturday’s events.  We certainly couldn’t have done it without everyone involved!



Author: Staff Reporter

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