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SSHS UIL Canton Results

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The Sulphur Springs High School UIL teams competed at the Canton UIL Invitational meet this past weekend, winning the overall Sweepstakes trophy.

In L-D Debate, Corban Philo won 3rd place.

In Computer Applications, Raynie Hooten won 6th place.

In Ready Writing, Patricia Parks won 1st place, Steven Payne won 2nd place, Lydia Burleson won 3rd place, and Tori Mattison won 4th place.

In Spelling and Vocabulary, Lydia Burleson won 1st place, Carson McIllwain won 3rd place, Mandy Eckhardt won 4th place, and Chase Charlton won 6th place. The team won 1st place.

In Literary Criticism, Patricia Parks won 1st place, and Jesse Allen won 4th place. They, along with Lucia Yanez, won 1st place team.

In Current Issues and Events, Evan Ost won 2nd place. The team placed 3rd overall.

In Social Studies, Christian Corona won 5th place, and Felipe Alba won 7th place. They won 2nd place team.

In Accounting, Austin Reyes won 4th place.

In Number Sense Rudy Perez won 2nd place, Austin Reyes won 5th place, and Gillian Thomas won 7th. The team placed 2nd overall.

In Calculator Applications, Naimishaba Parmar won 3rd place, Rudy Perez won 4th place, Carissa Carter won 6th, and Austin Reyes won 7th place. The team won 1st place overall.

In the Journalism events, Patricia Parks won 1st place in Headline Writing, and Steven Payne won 2nd place. In Copy Editing, Patricia Parks won 5th place. In News Writing, Steven Payne won 2nd place. In Feature, Patricia Parks won 3rd place, and Steven Payne won 4th. In Editorial Writing, Steven Payne won 3rd place, and Patricia Parks won 4th place. The team earned the 2nd overall journalism award.

In Computer Science, Mauro Basio won 1st place, Tim Charleton won 2nd place, Brayden Fisher won 3rd place, Trenton Brock won 4th place, and Austin Reyes won 7th place individually. The team won 1st place.

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Author: Staff Reporter

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