Coach Futch by Brenden Lynn

Brendon Lynn is a student at the Sulphur Springs Middle School.

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Couch Futch

Coach Futch

There are all kinds of coaches here in Sulphur Springs, Texas that we see each day.  Each of these coaches have their own unique personalities.  Well, there is at least one of these coaches that has chosen to make his new home here in Wildcat country; and, we are really pleased to welcome Coach Steven Futch to Sulphur Springs Middle School (SSMS).

Coach Futch lived in Leesburg, Georgia before he came here to Sulphur Springs, Texas.  Regarding his move, Futch says, “I moved to Sulphur Springs so that I could be closer to my two kids Stephanie and Bradley Futch.”  Stephanie is 13 years old and is in 8th grade, while Bradley is 12 years old and is in 6th grade, and they both have just started attending SSMS.

Coach Futch has come to SSMS from Deerfield Winter County in Georgia, and has taught for 26 years, grades k4-12.  He graduated with an Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree in health and physical education from Darton State College, located in Albany, Georgia.  He also holds a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) and Master’s degree in health and Physical Education (P.E.), which he received from Albany State University also located in Albany, Georgia.

Coach Futch enjoys many things during his free time. Deer hunting, cross fit, and reading are the main hobbies Coach Futch does when he has the time, and he really enjoys them.  All three of these hobbies are favored by Coach Futch for different reasons.  “My goals every time I go deer hunting is to enjoy God’s Creation and to relax.” says coach Futch.  “I enjoy reading Christian living books (theology) and I enjoy cross fit because I love the challenge of it, it gets me in great physical condition, and it’s fun and I love it.

“My favorite part of being at SSMS is enjoying to teach and coach.  The love of sports, the helping of others, and the teaching of valuable life lessons through sports is what inspired me to be a coach and a teacher.” says Coach Futch.  “I think I effect students by encouraging them to do their best and some of these students, progress each day as athletes and students.” Coach Futch adds.  Coach Futch has been a huge addition to this campus and we hope he’ll stick around here at SSMS so that he can teach others the life lessons he’s taught everyone who’s experienced his teaching and coaching.

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