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Look Up! Tonight’s Meteor Shower!

August 12, 2015 – If you want to wish upon a star, tonight you are in luck!

The meteor shower will start approximately around midnight. You could see up to 50 meteors per hour if you are in a dark location and your view is not disturbed by trees or buildings. You don’t need any fancy gear like a telescope or binoculars. Just start making your way outside around midnight and find a clear spot away from light and other obstructions. You won’t see a bunch of meteors at once there is little spurts of them every few minutes. You could see a bunch at one time but its not likely.

Just bring a light jacket or blanket because the temperature could drop. Also, don’t forget your bug spray, those little bugs can be pests!

Here is some tips that can possibly help you see the meteors better:

  1. Find a place with as less light as possible
  2. Look to the northeast or right over head
  3. Find a place where you can see as much light as possible
  4. Make sure your eyes are adjusted to the darkness
  5. Keep all cell phone lights off so he light doesn’t ruin your vision.

Everyone enjoy the meteor shower at midnight!

meteor shower


Story and Photos by Molly Clegg, HS Intern

Story and Photos by Molly Clegg, HS Intern

Author: Staff Reporter

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