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Shame On Me

Several years ago I became re-acquainted with an old classmate and teammate John Skager. John and I had a very common and personal bond. We both had been diagnosed with malignant cancers. We went down that path together via his Caring Bridge website. We corresponded that way. John inspired me and I can only hope that I helped him. In April this year I picked up a card to send with a message as he had worsened. The card laid on my desk as I struggled with what to say to my friend. John died last Friday, the card is still on my desk. Shame on me.

Bye John, in dying you have taught me a very important lesson. If it is important, do it now.  Do not wait as time and Mother nature wait for no one, least of all us. It can get too late and it does, so Shame on me for not saying goodbye to you. I miss you John and your example.

Your Teammate and Classmate
Michael Norton

Author: KSST Webmaster

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