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Appraisal District Mails Notices to Some Property Owners

Earlier this month, notices went out to property owners whose property had had a significant change in value. Those who disagree with the findings of the Hopkins County Appraisal District Office have a deadline approaching to register a protest and seek a change. Residents have until June 4th to question or challenge the appraisal. Notices were only sent to those whose value increased, new owners,  or if the property owner had requested a notice.

Chief Appraiser Cathy Singleton explained the steps taken when a challenge to an appraisal is made. An informal meeting between the property owner and the appraisal employee who conducted the appraisal is the first step. It an an agreement cannot be reached, then a formal protest is scheduled. The formal protest will allow the property owner to present their views to the Appraisal Review Board. Singleton said some have already asked to appeal to the review board.

Those contesting the appraisal will need to present evidence to support their opinion, according to Singleton. She said pictures and documentation to support their position. She said the appraisal district would support their position with documentation such as the sale price of properties in the area that had been recently sold and other evidence to reference. July 25th is the deadline for the final appraised values to be set in the county.

Author: Staff Reporter

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