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Brashear News 01/16/2015 by Debbie Young

We are so excited that people have been using Brashear Free Library. There has been a request for Heaven is for Real and The White Giraffe. If anyone has these books they do not mind lending for a short time, please let me know. We placed some devotional books in the box today.

Weather was simply beautiful on Thursday and it sounds like it is going to continue up until at least Monday of next week. Get out and enjoy it. Heard tonight on the news, just 20 minutes of walking a day can lead to living longer. Wahoo!! Go for it everyone.

The weather has been a bit cold lately. Hope you were able to keep warm. One good thing is that our pools have filled back up. The ground is still wet too. The last rain was a real soaker. Thank you Jesus.

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I know those of you who read my column are tired of hearing about Divorce Care but I am trying to reach anyone who can use this to help them get through a tough time. With Divorce Care, you can receive help, find hope, and experience healing. Call me at 903.243.1235 for more information.

Tom is trying something new this year. He is teaching a Bible Study on Gardening. It begins on Wednesday, January 21st at 6:30 in the parlor of FUMC. He is going to teach from a Gardener’s Bible for the first 30 minutes and the last 30 minutes he will talk and have guest speakers to help get your garden started and flourishing. It will run for 4 weeks and end up right about the start of planting season, February 11th is the last session.

I want to thank all of you who ask how things are going and want to know what is new in Brashear. Keep on reading and be sure to call if you have something to share. Remember to call me at 903.612.8806; email me at [email protected]; or just drop by at CR 1119 and sit a spell. Love visitors. May God bless you and yours.

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