To: Michael McAndrew from Chelsey Tippit, RN

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Mr. McAndrew –

I am just now getting to check my email after returning to work from being out for a couple of weeks. My husband was one of the men injured in the Thermo Mine incident on 8/13/14 that you had sent an email out about. I just wanted to reply to your message and let you know that he received exceptional care while he was at HCMH. Everyone was very compassionate and worked as hard as possible to get him and the other men comfortable and to give them the care they needed. Everyone. Registration, the ER nurses and doctors and techs, EMS, even the fire department (who had to come cut his ring off). The atmosphere was very calm and controlled without a hint of chaos in what could have been an extremely chaotic situation, his transfer to Parkland was timely and smooth, our family stayed informed on the plan of care, and his nurse worked tirelessly to get his pain to a manageable level. I wish that I could remember everyone’s names that took care of him, but unfortunately that night is all a blur.

I was very proud to see the exceptional care that patients receive in our Emergency Department and was also proud for our family to see what HCMH is capable of. There is no way I could ever put into words the gratitude I feel for the people who cared for him.


Forever grateful,

Chelsey Tippit, RN

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